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Kern County Oil Wordle

Kern County Oil Takeover

This word visualization illustrates the most commonly used words in a recent article from the Bakersfield Californian by size–the larger words indicate the most prominent words in the article. John Cox’s article, “Oxy discovers large oil field in Kern,” focuses on the positive aspects of this large oil field find, such as new opportunities for local employment, increased tax revenues, and deter the importation of foreign oil. It’s the biggest oil find in more 35 years.

What Cox does not mention, however, is the effect this oil find will have on the land. There are more than 50 oil fields in Kern County spanning over hundreds of miles. According to Cox, Kern County is home to the third-, fourth-, and fifth- largest oil fields.

This visualization shows what Cox left out of his article–the domination of land by large oil corporations in Kern County.

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